Back Pain

Posture and Back Pain

Posture and Back Pain

Back Pain Relief – How Postural Correction Can Help

An estimated four out of every five adults suffers from back pain at some point in their lives.

People in Midvale with low back pain should understand that pain is often the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The underlying cause of your low back pain is usually conceived in your posture or spinal alignment.

We now understand that when posture or alignment is poor, there is an increase in stress placed on vertebral discs and joints.

This increased stress may initially result in occasional low back pain, but over time, the discs and joints are being damaged at an increasing rate.

Back pain doesn’t necessarily mean that there is joint or bone damage, but it often points to misalignment.

If you are experiencing low back pain, middle back pain, or upper back pain, there is a significant chance that it is because of pressure and inflammation on your nerves.

When the joints of the spine become misaligned, as they often are from poor posture, genetics, or accident and injury, the misaligned joints push into nearby nerves.

This creates something called nerve interference, which causes the nerves to become inflamed.

This can create sharp pain, which is common in conditions like sciatica.

Sciatica is frequently the result of misalignment in the low back, which irritates the sciatic nerve.

If you are experiencing nerve pain after sitting, standing, or lying down, particularly after physical activity, you may be suffering from misalignment in the spine.

At the Scoliosis Center of Utah, we specialize in posture correction and spinal alignment.

Rather than treat pain as a symptom, we focus on getting to the root of the discomfort.

Using x-rays, postural assessment, and spinal analysis procedures, our doctors are proficient in identifying exactly where misalignment and discomfort may be originating, and creating a customized treatment plan specifically for you.

Gravity and Other Stresses

Many people in Midvale are unaware that gravity and other stresses on their posture are causing, in many cases, serious damage to the spine.

This damage may eventually result in chronic low back pain and disability.

How does gravity cause stress to the body if gravity is a completely natural force?

It’s much simpler than you may think.

Over time, gravity creates wear and tear on every part of the body.

While many people devote time and energy to strength training in order to combat these effects (which often look like rounded posture and forward head posture), it’s not always possible to just “muscle” good posture into place.

In fact, it’s very common for small instances of injury and accident to contribute to poor posture.

All it takes is a single fall, minor car accident, or sports injury to misalign the spine.

Over time, gravity works on this misalignment, making it more and more obvious and painful by creating a downward pressure on the spine.

To truly reduce and even reverse the effects of gravity on the spine, posture correction is an essential tool.

A posture correction expert can help to determine where exactly in the spine your joints have been compromised, and aid in correcting this through the appropriate treatment.

If you suspect that gravity and day-to-day life is exacerbating your postural challenges, make your appointment with the Scoliosis Center of Utah today to begin getting the care that you need.

Avoid Low Back Pain

Postural adjustments, mirror image exercises and 2 way traction comprise an evidenced based treatment protocol which can significantly improve function and pain scores without Nsaids or pain meds.

I encourage all people in Midvale and Utah to learn how to take care of their spine by getting a check up.

Your check up begins with a postural examination, and x-rays if needed. Everyone in Midvale would like to avoid low back pain.

Live your life with youthful vitality and better health with help from our team at Scoliosis Center of Utah!

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