Is Back Pain Always the Result of Spinal Misalignment?

Is Back Pain Always the Result of Spinal Misalignment?

Have you ever been plagued with back pain and wondered if it meant something more? If so, then you’re not alone! We often get asked this question at The Scoliosis Center of Utah. While there are a variety of potential causes for back pain, Dr. Katalina Dean and our team ensure that all the symptoms related to your discomfort will be properly assessed before any treatment is prescribed.

At The Scoliosis Center of Utah, we understand that not all back pain is created equal. That’s why each patient receives individualized attention and treatment based on their unique needs. Even though there are some common causes for chronic back pain, it doesn’t always mean spinal misalignment. To learn more about the potential sources of your discomfort and if you may be suffering from scoliosis or a similar condition, read on!

What are the hallmark symptoms of chronic back pain?

Back pain can materialize in a multitude of ways, and the type of sensation you experience reveals valuable insights about its root cause. For example, sharp backache could show that your nerves are inflamed; a dull ache indicates muscle weakness; and tingling or numbness implies crushed or ruptured nerves. By recognizing these unique sensations associated with back pain, you will be better informed to make decisions on proper care for yourself.

To pinpoint your pain, it’s crucial to ask yourself the right questions. If you’re dealing with back pain, use these questions as a guide: Is there any numbness or tingling? Do I experience sharp pain? Have my arms, legs, or other extremities lost mobility and sensation? How long have I had this ache? Has the area of discomfort shifted at all over time? Did my symptoms change in intensity throughout the years since first appearing?

Discomfort is marked as chronic when it persists for more than six months. However, many individuals have been enduring chronic back pain for much longer than that. Some of our patients have suffered with this agony on and off, at times going decades without relief. In certain circumstances, people aren’t able to recall the moment their discomfort began or even a time in which they weren’t struggling with pain.

Rest assured, if you are suffering from chronic back pain, there is nothing unusual about it. This condition affects millions of people around the world due to injury or accident, lifestyle and posture habits, as well as genetic predisposition. However, the amazing news is that treatment to restore spinal alignment has been successful in aiding countless individuals with their back pain – helping them manage and even completely eradicate it! Let’s learn more about how this treatment can help you too.

Did your back pain start after an accident or injury?

After an injury or accident, back pain is one of the most frequently reported symptoms. Car accidents are among the top events that can spark this type of discomfort – but why? Due to their force and velocity, car crashes provide a special chance for harm to be inflicted on your spinal cord, muscles, and nerves – all three playing important roles in keeping you comfortable.

We often attribute the pain and soreness in our necks after accidents to tension, stress, or simply being uncomfortable. However, whiplash injuries can have long-lasting effects – ranging from chronic pain that persists for years onward.

Car accidents are not the only cause of back pain. Any form of fall, from a ladder or downstairs, for instance, has the potential to lead to ceaseless back distress. In fact, any kind of injury that causes an effect on bones and joints can result in neck and spine pains over time.

Impact Leads to Subluxation (Misalignment)

Injuries and accidents are the leading cause of chronic back pain due to their ability to produce subluxation, otherwise known as spinal misalignment.

After a slip, fall, tear, or excessive physical labor, the joints of your spine can shift out of their usual position. This leads to numerous adverse effects like soreness in different parts and numbness accompanied by tingling sensations. Even widespread pain throughout the body may be caused by misalignment in your vertebrae as nerves near it reach even from your head down towards distant areas such as fingers and toes. To protect yourself from these discomforts you must take care of any spinal issues that arise before they get worse!

Back Pain Can Be The Result of a Sedentary Lifestyle—or an active one!

Even if you lead an active lifestyle or a sedentary one, both lifestyles can contribute to back pain. It may be hard to comprehend but it’s true! So why is this?

Back Pain from an Active Lifestyle

For those living an active lifestyle, back pain is unfortunately a common complaint. However, even though their muscles may be stronger due to activity levels and help mask the problem for longer than sedentary individuals, some of our most active patients still sought care first because of enduring discomfort in their backs.

Even if you are someone who exercises daily, whether that’s pounding the pavement for light jogs or going hard with HIIT workouts and marathon training, your back is still at risk of misalignment. The truth is that no form of exercise guarantees complete protection from the imprecise alignment in your spine; even simple movements can create a hazardous environment for spinal health. Then add weights, running long distances on the road surface and extended yoga poses to this already precarious equation – any one of these activities may result in serious ailments due to misalignments in our spine.

Moreover, most people have a spinal misalignment long before they begin exercising and other physical activities. The root of the issue can usually be traced back to our childhoods or early lifestyle choices; hence, many of us carry around this misalignment that is only waiting for an activity to promote it further.

For those with an active lifestyle, we highly encourage coming in for treatment and preventative care as soon as possible. Muscles that are regularly exercised have the ability to mask back pain, but it can make you more prone to injury or slow down recovery time without understanding why. Our treatments correct any misalignment caused by a physically-active life and provide extra support so your activity will be sustained long-term.

Back Pain from a Sedentary Lifestyle

Many patients suffering from back pain have one thing in common: a sedentary lifestyle. Whether they work at an office desk, run their own business from home, or simply sit all day – this lack of movement can exacerbate any existing misalignment and even cause new ones to appear.

Gravity is an inescapable force that pulls our bodies toward the center of the earth. When we’re seated or standing motionless for prolonged periods, gravity works on our bones and joints to cause misalignment if not held at proper posture: with ears above shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips above knees and ankles. This subtle pressure can have a significant impact on spinal health unless correct alignment is maintained day-to-day.

Spinal alignment can be a game-changer for individuals with sedentary lifestyles, helping them to realign their spine and often alleviate any back pain they may suffer from. On top of this, we have seen many cases where our patients have been able to maintain proper alignment by working in harmony with gravity instead of opposing it. This not only improves posture but also helps prevent further issues down the line.

As healthcare providers, we advocate that our patients with less active lifestyles schedule an appointment to not only manage misalignment and chronic discomfort in the back but to also pick up techniques on how best they can remain upright. This is beneficial as it will secure your body from any future injury while ensuring you’re healthy enough to take on anything life throws at you!

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At our Midvale, UT clinic, we offer the best scoliosis treatment and spinal alignment available. Our team goes above and beyond to provide customized treatment tailored to your individual needs — with an emphasis on uncovering treatments that will help reduce chronic back pain or neck stiffness. With over twenty years of experience in this field, Dr. Katalina Dean is remarkably qualified for providing you with the relief you need! Get started today by scheduling your appointment; don’t delay any longer on getting quality care from a compassionate doctor who truly cares about maximizing your well-being.

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