How Scoliosis Can Affect Your Digestive Health

How Scoliosis Can Affect Your Digestive Health

Have you ever considered that your spinal health could be linked to digestive issues? It can! When your spine is out of alignment, it can affect the electrical messages that are sent through your nervous systems, including the enteric nervous system, which is responsible for digestion. In this post, we’ll explore how scoliosis can affect digestion, and what you can do to get your body and digestion back on track.

The Enteric Nervous System and Scoliosis

Most people know that when you have scoliosis, your spine is curved and misaligned. But did you know that this misalignment can also affect your digestive system and cause problems such as abdominal pain, IBS, digestive difficulties, and constipation? Let’s explore how scoliosis can affect digestion and what treatments are available to help realign the spine and get your body back to functioning healthfully.

The enteric nervous system (ENS) is a complex network of neurons within the walls of the gastrointestinal tract which helps to regulate digestion. The ENS is part of the peripheral nervous system, meaning that it works independently from the brain and spinal cord. But just because it’s independent doesn’t mean it’s not affected by other parts of your body; if your spine is out of alignment due to scoliosis, there’s a good chance that it could be affecting your enteric nervous system too. The peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system work together closely to deploy messages to the body, begin, moderate, and end processes, and maintain your overall health and body function.

How Scoliosis Can Affect Digestion

The digestive tract has its own nervous system called the enteric nervous system, which is directly linked with your spine. When the spine is out of alignment due to scoliosis, it can disrupt the electrical signals sent through the various nervous systems. This disruption can lead to problems with digestion including abdominal pain, IBS, constipation and other digestive issues. It’s important to note that not all cases of scoliosis cause digestive problems – but for those who do experience them, it is important to seek treatment in order to address the underlying issue.

If you don’t have any other reasons to suspect digestive dysfunction, scoliosis or spinal misalignment may be a factor that is playing into your discomfort. Addressing spinal misalignment and correcting your scoliosis may create significant relief in any digestive tract dysfunction that you are currently experiencing (and have experienced chronically in the past).

Chiropractic BioPhysics® & ScoliBrace®

Dr. Katalina Dean specializes in spinal realignment for those with scoliosis using Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP) Technique and ScoliBrace® Technology. CBP Technique investigates the entire spine from top-to-bottom by assessing range of motion in each vertebrae as well as any curvatures or misalignments present within the spine. The technique then focuses on correcting any abnormalities found within the spine by gently stretching and shifting each vertebrae into place until it reaches a neutral position. This realignment process helps restore balance within the body while also alleviating tension throughout the spinal cord—including along the enteric nervous system—which can help reduce stomach pain or other digestive issues caused by scoliosis-related misalignment of the spine.

ScoliBrace®, meanwhile, is a customized brace designed specifically for those suffering from scoliosis or kyphosis. While wearing a brace may seem like an uncomfortable solution at first glance, ScoliBrace® is actually designed with comfort in mind; it’s made from lightweight materials that conform perfectly to your body shape while providing maximum support during activities such as exercise or everyday movement. By wearing a ScoliBrace®, you can hold your spine in correct alignment while helping reduce pain and discomfort associated with scoliotic curvature over time – plus potentially reducing any related digestive issues you may be experiencing at the same time!

If you suffer from scoliosis, there are ways to help realign your spine so that you can start feeling better. Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP) is a chiropractic technique designed to reduce pain, improve posture, and normalize joint motion in order to restore balance to the entire body. CBP focuses on restoring proper curvature of the spine in order to decrease stress on nerves and muscles throughout the body—and this includes reducing stress on nerves in the digestive tract as well! Additionally, ScoliBrace® is an innovative treatment option for those with scoliosis which combines bracing with physical therapy techniques in order to slowly realign the curvature of the spine over time. Together, these treatments can help improve digestion as well as reduce pain caused by scoliosis.

Scoliosis can absolutely have an impact on digestive health; when your spine isn’t properly aligned, it affects all parts of your body—including your enteric nervous system. The good news is that there are treatments available which can help realign your spine and get you feeling better again! If you suffer from scoliosis-related stomach pains or digestive difficulties like IBS or constipation, consider consulting with Dr. Katalina Dean who specializes in Chiropractic BioPhysics® and ScoliBrace® treatments for those with scoliosis looking for relief from their symptoms. With her help and expertise, you can get back on track with a healthy lifestyle!

Scoliosis Treatment & Digestion in Midvale, UT

Scoliosis affects more than just posture; its effects on digestion are often overlooked but just as important to consider when seeking treatment for this condition. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can help realign your spine so that it functions more efficiently – allowing both posture and digestion to return to normal once again! Dr Katalina Dean of Scoliosis Center of Utah provides effective spinal realignment therapies using Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP) Technique and ScoliBrace®, which work together to target both posture correction as well as any associated digestive issues caused by misalignment of the spine due to scoliosis or kyphosis. If you suffer from stomach pain or other abdominal migraines related to scoliotic curvature in your back, these treatments may be able to provide relief – so contact us today for an appointment.

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