Are You Ready to Experience the Life-Changing Benefits of Proper Spinal Alignment?

Are You Ready to Experience the Life-Changing Benefits of Proper Spinal Alignment?

Oftentimes, we don’t realize that our spines may be out of alignment – whether it’s minor or major, for example, in the case of scoliosis. Unfortunately, this misalignment can lead to a plethora of symptoms and ailments without us even being aware of the source. It is essential for people to get their spine checked regularly in order to prevent any long-term spinal issues from arising.

The spine holds a remarkable amount of control over our general well-being and can affect the functioning of almost every other part of the body. Therefore, it’s not surprising that seemingly unrelated conditions could be linked to an issue in your spine. For more information on how proper alignment might unlock a healthier life for you, keep reading!

When you have a spinal misalignment, you also have…

Stomach & Digestive Problems

Many people are confused when they first hear that digestive issues can arise due to spinal misalignment, but it’s actually true! The spine and the gut are very much connected – in extreme cases of scoliosis, for instance, the distorted shape of a person’s spine may push into their stomach area. Even slight misalignment of the spine could still lead to difficulties with digestion though.

The enteric nervous system serves as a digestive tract-specific neural network, closely tied to the spinal cord. It is through this vital connection that electrical impulses are transmitted, hormones and compounds released, and overall activity regulated.

If the spine, which serves as the foundation of our central nervous system, is misaligned it can have a negative impact on the enteric nervous system. As this branch controls digestion and thus affects all aspects such as stomach pain, GERD, nausea, diarrhea, or constipation – realigning your spinal cord may lead to substantial improvements in these troubling symptoms.


Those with chronic headaches know how debilitating they can be, and oftentimes the culprit is a misalignment in the cervical spine- that area of the spinal cord located at your neck. This part of our body supports an upright posture for our head, so any disruption to its alignment causes frequent pain. Thus, it’s important to address these issues soon after their onset instead of waiting until you’re plagued by long-term suffering from this condition.


Cervical spine misalignment can lead to intense migraines as a result of the compressed, pinched, and in extreme cases inflamed nerves. When these neck nerves are interrupted through irritation, electrical impulses that travel to the brain become impaired which then results in debilitating pain. Migraines caused by cervical spine dislocation can be especially agonizing – an outcome you want to avoid at all costs!

Lethargy and Exhaustion

Lethargy and exhaustion can be overwhelming, making life an arduous challenge. When we’re constantly tired, it’s difficult to bring enthusiasm and joy into our lives; these two symptoms are frequently linked to depression, anxiety, and apathy. The cause? An imbalance of energy in the body is regulated by your central nervous system (CNS). Your spine is a vital component of this network – when misaligned or impaired its nerves become blocked which prevents nerve energy from properly flowing throughout your body causing you to rapidly tire out and not perform at peak capacity.

Brain Fog

Functioning as the main regulator of energy throughout our body, the central nervous system also has an immense effect on how we think and feel. When misalignment occurs in the spine, it can interfere with nerve signals sent to or from your brain resulting in a range of cognitive issues – most notably ‘brain fog’. Thus, maintaining proper alignment within your spine ensures that signals transmitted to and from the brain are unhindered so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any mental exhaustion!

Back Pain

Back pain is a frequent effect of spinal misalignment. When this occurs, the various components in your back such as nerves, discs, muscles, and tissues become strained. Common indications include an uncomfortable sensation in the lower back area; sharp or cold pains that occur at any given moment; shooting sensations while standing up or sitting down; sciatica pain that radiates from your spine to other areas of the body.

Neck Pain

Similar to back pain, neck discomfort can occur from misalignment in the spine. This vertebral column runs throughout your entire body, extending up through the neck area. When out of alignment, nerves, discs, and tissue are all put under pressure which leads to aching around this region – particularly since it has to carry 11 pounds (in an average adult) worth of head weight! Therefore if those spinal bones aren’t lined up correctly then enduring that strain without any ache is practically inconceivable.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder discomfort and tightness are often caused by misalignment in the spine, especially around the neck (cervical spine). The shoulder muscles will constrict as an attempt to substitute for the neck’s incapability of supporting your head. This may result in sore shoulders, hunched shoulders, or even sharp pain within your shoulders with continuous muscle stiffness. Additionally, traumas sustained on your back and arms might also lead to shoulder aches.


It might come as a shock, but it’s not uncommon for misalignment in the spine to cause anxiety. The reason behind this is that the spine plays a huge role in our central nervous system; which is responsible for triggering physical reactions within our body. When damage occurs (such as spinal misalignment) and interrupts how our central nervous system functions, these processes can be abruptly halted.

Our bodies may detect when something is amiss and interpret it as physical tension. This can become even more pronounced if the spine isn’t in its proper alignment since this area is profoundly connected to our enteric nervous system – which regulates digestion. Unsettled digestion, then, has a huge effect on heightening feelings of unease.

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